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About Me

Hi there I’m Hannah and I love to sew. I started my sewing journey in October of 2016. Sewing was something I wanted to learn to do for a long time. So I took the plunge and learned everything I could and I haven’t looked back since!

As I improved in my sewing skills I decided I wanted to try to start teaching others. So I became a Burdastyle Certified Sewing Instructor!

Some of my favorite things to sew are dresses and skirts. I love sewing with woven fabrics because I love the structure they can give. But don’t worry I won’t just blog about dresses, there will be tutorials, pattern reviews and much more. I hope to share my knowledge with you and my experiences as I continue learning more myself.

So follow me for the latest updates. I love to hear your comments so please stay in touch! Don’t forget to share my blog as well so we can all spread the sewing love around!

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